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Food manufacturer of instant noodle, noodle snack and cracker

 Food manufacturing. /  Cheng Industrial Estate. / 48 views

All type of pins for textile industries i.e.shirt pins,magic pins,pins art etc

 Textiles & textiles products. /  Datuk Tamby Chik Karim Industrial Park. / 36 views

Manufacturer of corrugated paper products ,trading of carton boxes.

 Paper, printing & publishing. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 44 views

Cementitious products manufacturing

 Chemical & chemical products /  Merlimau Industrial Estate. / 35 views

Manufacturer of Al and CU conductors,armoured and non- armoured, aluminium cables, bare AI and CU conductors, all Al conductors (AAC)

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 45 views

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