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Wide range of products are targeted to the Semiconductor industry (Test & Assembly, front-end Wafer Fab IC Manufacturing), PCB manufacturer, Electronic & Electrical (Hard disks,...

 Electrical & electronic. / 25 views

An automated equipment designer and manufacturer, focusing on serving the glove packaging industry in testing and packaging solutions.

 Electrical & electronic. / 93 views

Allied provide integrated manufacturing services ranging from design and product development prototyping, tool and die fabrication, production and mechanical sub-assembly services.

 Electrical & electronic. / 167 views

BoingTech is a vertically integrated RFID tag solution provider. The products include UHF & HF inlays, labels, tags, card inlays and cards.

 Electrical & electronic. / 84 views

PCB design board manufacturing.

 Electrical & electronic. / 16 views

Manufacturer of cable conductors, armoured and non- armoured, aluminium cables, bare AI and CU conductors, all Al conductors (AAC).

 Electrical & electronic. / 63 views

Manufacturing of wire harness.

 Electrical & electronic. / 78 views

Manufacturing of electronic components.

 Electrical & electronic. / 108 views

Providing plastic injection service for automotive industry, furniture industry, industrial packaging, oil and gas industry, semiconductor industry, electronics and electrical industry and multipurpose household products.

 Electrical & electronic. / 64 views

Manufacturing of SMT chipholders on leadframes, injection mouldings.

 Electrical & electronic. / 121 views

Manufacturing of light-emitting diode (LEDs) for automotives industry.

 Electrical & electronic. / 64 views

Manufacturing of electronics parts & wire harness.

 Electrical & electronic. / 72 views

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