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Manufacturing of electrical and electronics goods.

 Electrical & electronic. / 17 views

Manufacturing of switchboards and trading of electrical components parts.

 Electrical & electronic. / 77 views

Design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of test probes for all semiconductor test applications, electrical parts and others related products of all.

 Electrical & electronic. / 12 views

Manufacturer semiconductor devices and any related solid-state devices.

 Electrical & electronic. / 108 views

Manufacturer of the data storage market and component supplier.

 Electrical & electronic. / 86 views

Manufactures and markets flat chip resistors, carbon film fixed resistors, metal oxide resistors, MELF type fixed resistors, and high frequency fixed inductors.

 Electrical & electronic. / 83 views

Manufacturers of  tooling, electronic jigs and fixtures.

 Electrical & electronic. / 11 views

Manufacture, supply, and maintain excellent LED applications.

 Electrical & electronic. / 11 views

Manufacturer of electronic-related products and mechanical assemblies.

 Electrical & electronic. / 66 views

Manufacturing electronics and mechanical assemblies.

 Electrical & electronic. / 69 views

Specialize in ferrous scrap, non-ferrous scrap, secondary metal sheets and others.

 Electrical & electronic. / 72 views

Design and manufacture an extensive range of instrumentation, control, and data transmission cables.

 Electrical & electronic. / 11 views

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