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Radiator & tank for power transformer and part thereof.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 74 views

Manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of machinery, equipment, parts, building materials, hardware, industrial consumables and other related products.

 Electrical & electronic. / 63 views

Manufacturing high-quality types of cable, conductor, and fiber optics.

 Electrical & electronic. / 10 views

Design and fabricate all the stamping dies in-house of stamped parts.

 Electrical & electronic. / 69 views

Manufacturing and sale of plastic injection mould parts, optical components, mould and dies for the electrical and electronics industry.

 Electrical & electronic. / 77 views

Records and selling cassettes.

 Electrical & electronic. / 10 views

Manufacturing for transformer components.

 Electrical & electronic. / 145 views

Recycling electronic wastes.

 Electrical & electronic. / 10 views

Manufacturer and distributor of many types of flex including components assembly services and module level integration.

 Electrical & electronic. / 74 views

Manufacturer of semiconductor moulds, tools and dies, precision parts, jigs and fixtures and carbide tooling as well as design and assembly of automation machines.

 Electrical & electronic. / 10 views

Manufacturing of precision tools, dies, moulds, jigs and fixtures for plastic and metal stamping industries.

 Electrical & electronic. / 72 views

Manufacturing services for hard disk drive componenets and specializing in OEM/ODM assembly.

 Electrical & electronic. / 83 views

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