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Manufacturing of fresh frozen melon fruits puree/ juice.

 Food manufacturing. / 16 views

Manufacturing of prepared feeds and feed ingredients for animals and fowls.

 Food manufacturing. / 79 views

Manufacturing of nutritious foods and value added beverages such as Traditional Chicken Essence, Chicken Essence with natural herbs like American Ginseng, Gingko, Ling Tzi (Ganoderma...

 Food manufacturing. / 85 views

Manufacturing of all kinds of drinks, packing, filling and trading.

 Food manufacturing. / 78 views

Provide fresh and high quality chicken.

 Food manufacturing. / 76 views

Produces, processes and packs foods and dried fruit.

 Food manufacturing. /  Masjid Tanah Industrial Estate. / 83 views

Manufacturing and trading of animal feed specifically chicken.

 Food manufacturing. / 11 views

Specialize in poultry farming.

 Food manufacturing. / 10 views

Producing edible oils and sundry goods.

 Food manufacturing. / 76 views

Manufacturing of animal feeds.

 Food manufacturing. / 88 views

Wholesale and distribution of biscuits.

 Food manufacturing. / 10 views

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