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Adient is a global leader in automotive seating, supporting all major automakers in differentiating their vehicles through superior quality, technology and performance.

 Miscellaneous. / 17 views

Allnex is the leading company globally for industrial coating resins, crosslinkers and additives. Globally recognized as a specialty chemicals pioneer, Allnex offer an extensive range of products...

 Miscellaneous. / 109 views

Automotive parts manufacturing business.

 Miscellaneous. / 18 views

Manufacturing semi-conductor chip tape/reel service and IC programming services.

 Miscellaneous. / 17 views

Produce ice cube under stringent quality control environment.

 Miscellaneous. / 18 views

Manufacturing of hair, body and skin care products, cosmetic, toiletries and household products.

 Miscellaneous. / 21 views

CLP Construction Systems is a manufacturer, distributor and supplier of a wide range of waterproofing, floor coating and construction chemicals products.

 Miscellaneous. / 22 views

Manufacturing of granite.

 Miscellaneous. / 63 views

Manufacturing of ready mixed concrete industry.

 Miscellaneous. / 68 views

Manufacturer and supplier of precast reinforced concrete piles.

 Miscellaneous. / 9 views

Manufacturing and trading of pallet stretch film, zipper bag, PP strapping band, air bubble pack, PE foam and  adhesive tapes.

 Miscellaneous. / 10 views

Manufacturing of carton box, bubble wraps, stretch films, adhesive tapes and plastic bags.

 Miscellaneous. / 67 views

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