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Welcome to the Melaka Industrial Booster Initiative

Previously, the Melaka Industrial Booster Initiative (IMB) served as the secretariat for the Technical Committee Meetings on Industrial Development & Licensing in the state of Melaka for Industrial Building Plan Approval (IBPA).

The implementation strategy of the “Melaka Industrial Booster” is designed with the aim to accelerate the growth and development of the industrial sector in the state of Melaka, with a primary focus on enhancing investment facilitation. With this initiative, we aspire to attract investors, stimulate economic growth, create job opportunities, and solidify Melaka’s position as a premier investment destination in Malaysia.

Through strategic planning and concerted efforts, we are committed to fostering an environment conducive to industrial growth and prosperity in Melaka. Join us in shaping a vibrant and sustainable industrial landscape in our state.

1. Accelerating Industrial Growth:

  • We aim to fast-track the expansion and modernization of existing industries while fostering the establishment of new ones.
  • By streamlining processes and offering tailored incentives, we facilitate the growth of industrial enterprises.

2. Enhancing Investment Facilitation:

  • Our initiative is designed to make the investment process seamless and efficient for local and foreign investors alike.
  • We provide comprehensive support services, from initial inquiries to post-investment assistance, ensuring a smooth investment journey.

3. Stimulating Economic Development:

  • Through strategic investments and partnerships, we strive to boost economic activity across various sectors.
  • We encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, driving sustainable economic development in Melaka.

4. Creating Employment Opportunities:

  • By attracting investments and nurturing industries, we aim to create a robust job market for the local populace.
  • We prioritize skill development initiatives to match industry demands, empowering individuals and fostering economic inclusivity.

5. Strengthening Melaka's Position as an Investment Hub:

  • Melaka boasts a strategic location, robust infrastructure, and a conducive business environment.
  • Through the Melaka Industrial Booster Initiative, we aim to capitalize on these strengths, positioning Melaka as a preferred destination for investment in Malaysia.
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Get Involved:

Whether you’re an investor looking for lucrative opportunities, an entrepreneur seeking support for your venture, or a stakeholder interested in contributing to Melaka’s industrial development, we invite you to join us in realizing our vision of a vibrant and prosperous industrial landscape in Melaka.

Contact us today to explore how you can be part of the Melaka Industrial Booster Initiative and contribute to the economic growth and development of Melaka. Together, let’s unlock Melaka’s full potential as a thriving industrial in Melaka!

Melaka Industrial Booster
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Melaka Industrial Booster Initiative Inquiry Form

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: 12th Oct 2023 (Thursday)


: 1.45 pm – 4.00 pm


: Ballroom, Courtyard by Marriott

Entrance fee

: RM 150 (JCI Natcon Delegates FOC)


Invest Melaka Berhad (IMB) in collaboration with State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) Melaka and Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) will organise Melaka Investment Day 2023 (MID 2023) which is scheduled to take place on 12th October 2023 in conjunction with Smart Melaka International Conference and Expo 2023 (SMIX2023).

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are pleased to invite one (1) pax of representative from your Company to attend our Dialogue Program with Melaka Shippers & Manufacturers on the upcoming. Container Feeder Services from Tanjung Bruas Port (TBP) to Port Klang and vice versa as per below details:

Container Feeder Services from Tanjung Bruas Port (TBP) to Port Klang and vice versa as per below details:

Venue : Auditorium (Level 1), Melaka International Trade and Convention Centre (MITC), Ayer Keroh

  • Date : 14th Aug 2023, Monday
  • Time : 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Kindly RSVP by return email to before 4th Aug 2023.