Invest Melaka Berhad

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Manufacturing steel roofing & wall cladding sheets.

 Fabricated metal products. / 73 views

Manufacturing building material  steel roof truss.

 Fabricated metal products. / 77 views

Specialise in the innovative design and manufacture of cast and fabricated iron and steel products for the mining and resources sector, and also expertly serve...

 Fabricated metal products. / 89 views

Manufacturing of access control systems and services.

 Fabricated metal products. / 83 views

Manufacturer of precision aluminium/zine die casting, plastic molding.

 Fabricated metal products. / 77 views

Manufacturing of aluminium & glass work fabricator and subcontractor.

 Fabricated metal products. / 10 views

Manufacturing of fabrication and construction of plant equipment for food manufacturing and related industrial products.

 Fabricated metal products. / 79 views

Manufacturing of metal pallets and crates.

 Fabricated metal products. / 69 views

Manufacturing of fabricated metal.

 Fabricated metal products. / 81 views

Manufacturing of basic iron and steel products.

 Fabricated metal products. / 74 views

Manufacturing and marketing of industrial materials and hardware products such as wire nails, window louvers, hard drawn, and stitching wire.

 Fabricated metal products. / 85 views

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