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Traditional medicine pharmaceutical products & health supplements in the form of tablet, capsule, pill, powder, liquid, lotion cream & ointment

 Food manufacturing. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 59 views

Animal feeds manufacturing

 Food manufacturing. /  Ayer Keroh Industrial Estate / 54 views

Food manufacturer of instant noodle, noodle snack and cracker

 Food manufacturing. /  Cheng Industrial Estate. / 48 views

Manufacturer of burgers, frankfurters, fritters, nuggets, meatballs and marinated chicken, processed chicken/ cut-up parts, boneless chicken

 Food manufacturing. /  Masjid Tanah Industrial Estate. / 64 views

Noodles (dry), seasoning powder (kentucky)

 Food manufacturing. /  Others / 48 views

Manufacturer of food and drinks flavour

 Food manufacturing. /  Ayer Keroh Industrial Estate / 74 views

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