Invest Melaka Berhad

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Specializing in the development and supply of Powder Based Food and Beverage Products.

 Food manufacturing. / 90 views

Apiszone produces conventional products such as fresh royal jelly, freeze-dried royal jelly powder, propolis, bee pollen, honey and bee wax.

 Food manufacturing. / 15 views

Traditional medicine pharmaceutical products & health supplements and drinks.

 Food manufacturing. / 83 views

Bird Nest Drink & Instant Bird Nest.

 Food manufacturing. / 103 views

Manufacturing animal feed products.

 Food manufacturing. / 86 views

Manufacturing of flavoured snacks and instant noodles.

 Food manufacturing. / 65 views

Manufacturing of peeled quail eggs.

 Food manufacturing. / 12 views

Repackaging of rice under different brands, grades and weights.

 Food manufacturing. / 13 views

Manufacturing of variety biscuits.

 Food manufacturing. / 16 views

Manufacturer of burgers, frankfurters, fritters, nuggets, meatballs and marinated chicken, processed chicken/ cut-up parts and boneless chicken.

 Food manufacturing. / 88 views

Manufacturing of of sauces, pastes and dried seasoning powder.

 Food manufacturing. / 10 views

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