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Manufacturing rubber gloves and protection equipments for industrial, science and medical.

 Rubber products. / 98 views

Manufacturing of rubber products.

 Rubber products. / 61 views

Manufacturing of latex balloon.

 Rubber products. / 59 views

Manufacturing various types of automotive rubber hose & rubber moulded parts for automotive industry.

 Rubber products. / 67 views

Manufacturing of hose (radiator, fuel, vacuum, heater, L shape, straight), moulded rubber parts.

 Rubber products. / 59 views

Manufacturing of rubber gloves.

 Rubber products. / 13 views

Manufacturer of elastic cords, straps, and plastic straps.

 Rubber products. / 54 views

Manufacturer of balloons and gloves.

 Rubber products. / 70 views

Precision moulded rubber components die cut products.

 Rubber products. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 70 views

Provider of disposable medical gloves.

 Rubber products. / 66 views

Manufacturer of disposable rubber examinations gloves.

 Rubber products. / 61 views

Manufacturer of plastic, chemicals and related-petroleum products.

 Rubber products. / 104 views

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