Invest Melaka Berhad

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Manufacturing of aircraft components.

 Transport equipment. / 23 views

Manufacturing of automotive parts and components.

 Transport equipment. / 21 views

Manufacturing of composites components for aero & non aero structure.

 Transport equipment. /  Others / 87 views

Manufacturing of automotive surface mount technology (SMT) light emitting diode (LED) for the global automotive industry.

 Transport equipment. / 16 views

Manufacturing of flight equipment, composite products, dome, composite parts for architectural, aeronautical, automotive & marine industry.

 Transport equipment. / 95 views

Manufacturing of motorcycle spare parts and accessories and automotive accessories.

 Transport equipment. / 61 views

Manufacturing of vehicle exhaust and metal fabrication service for automotive, engineering and agriculture industry.

 Transport equipment. / 68 views

Provide a wide range of product brands, focusing on automobiles and motorcycles.

 Transport equipment. / 13 views

Design, manufacture, assembly and selling of car engines and parts.

 Transport equipment. / 15 views

Logistics of all types of parts and materials of automobiles.

 Transport equipment. / 14 views

Manufacturer and assembly of Honda automobile and engines while focusing at three key areas which are mobility, robotics and AI.

 Transport equipment. / 85 views

Aerostructure parts, and assembly fixtures for design, development, and production of Aircraft-related ground support equipment.

 Transport equipment. / 93 views

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