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Manufacturing of composites components for aero & non aero structure.

 Transport equipment. /  Others / 55 views

Flight equipment, composite products, dome, composite parts for architectural, aeronautical, automotive & marine industry.

 Transport equipment. /  Composite Industrial Park. / 59 views

Vehicle exhaust system, automobile protector bars.

 Transport equipment. /  Bukit Rambai Industrial Estate. / 48 views

Precision machine parts for aerospace industry.

 Transport equipment. /  Others / 58 views

Manufacturer and assembly of Honda automobile and engines.

 Transport equipment. /  HICOM Pegoh Industrial Park. / 62 views

Manufacturer of rivets, brake pads, bonded brake shoes, roll lining, brake fluid, brake shoe cores, disc pad backing plates.

 Transport equipment. /  Ayer Keroh Industrial Estate / 48 views

Backing plates for disc brake pads, brake shoe cores, steel full & tubulas rivets, semitubular copper rivets, spring steel clips, spring washers.

 Transport equipment. /  Ayer Keroh Industrial Estate / 35 views

Metal stamping & sub assembly and dies.

 Transport equipment. /  HICOM Pegoh Industrial Park. / 56 views

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